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Financial Planning & Wealth Management For Retirees Overseas

I am very experienced in helping expatriate retirees.

My retiree clients are primarily organised into three different groups. The first comprises former professionals that have lived an expatriate lifestyle for many years. The second group are people who having worked all or most of their lives in their home country and decided to retire overseas. The third group are expatriates that want to retire to their home country and require assistance with repatriation. These three groups have very different circumstances but, in all cases, the priority is to ensure their wealth is sufficient to enable to comfortably maintain them for the rest of their days and provide for their loved ones after they have gone.


How I help

These are some typical ways I help retirees with their financial planning

Financial planning, management & analysis

Income and cashflow analysis to make sure they remain financially secure.

Risk management

Ensuring their assets remain secure and protected, including managing currency risk.

Succession planning

Helping them with their wills and estate planning.

Facilitation & Problem Solving

Comprehensive help with various day-to-day administrative issues, including visas, driver’s licence renewals, insurance, legal assistance, booking travel and translation.

Guidance on health care and insurance

Healthcare and quality of life is a leading concern of this group.

Regular communication

Keeping them informed and up to date.

Case study

Ensuring Peace Of Mind For A Retired British Expat & His family In Thailand

Client Background

This British client worked in a senior executive position in the UK before retiring to South -East Asia, He married Thai national with a daughter of high school age and they live in Thailand, but also spend part of the year in Malaysia.

The client had a mix of a final salary and, defined contribution pensions, as well as a large cash position resulting from the sale of his UK property. He also had several ISAs arranged by his previous UK financial advisor.

The Challenge

The client’s previous UK-based financial advisor was unable to assist because of regulations restricting his ability to advise overseas clients. Having never lived overseas, he was unfamiliar with many of the issues faced by expatriates.

His main concerns were:

  • His previous advisor was unable to assist him.
  • Unfamiliar with local tax and financial regulations in Thailand and Malaysia and anxious about incurring potential liabilities.
  • Needed assistance with managing his pensions and other financial assets.
  • Estate planning for his wife and stepdaughter.

How I helped

  • Assumed management of UK pensions and investments, providing online access for transparency
  • Offered regular monthly updates and rebalanced the portfolio for a lower-risk approach
  • Reassured the client that a cautious investment portfolio would last for his and his wife’s lifetimes, with assets set aside for his daughter
  • Explained tax rules for income and assets in Thailand and Malaysia
  • Updated beneficiary information on existing plans and rewrote the will.
  • Established provisions in the will for the daughter’s education expenses.
  • Advised on establishing a Discretionary Gift Trust for inheritance tax efficiency and regular income
  • Prepared a “death pack” for the wife, with contact information and guidance for managing the estate
  • Assisted with finding reliable visa renewal and property agents in the region

The Outcome

  • Regular quarterly income to supplement the client’s guaranteed final salary pension.
  • Peace of mind knowing the family is provided for in case of unforeseen events.
  • Inheritance tax-efficient structures in place to stay under the UK’s nil-rate band.
  • Wife is reassured about accessing assets and knowing who to contact if needed.
  • Daughter’s university fund is incorporated into the financial planning, ensuring her education is secure.


By addressing the unique challenges faced by this retired British expat, we provided peace of mind and ensured his family’s financial well-being. Through tailored estate planning, tax-efficient strategies and ongoing support, we helped him navigate the complexities of living abroad and secured a stable future for his wife and stepdaughter.

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What my clients say

Testimonial – Robert Fallon

Carl advised me on how to maximise my UK pension benefits whilst living and working in the USA and gave me very useful advice. He is very knowledgeable in his field, and very easy to talk with.
I would highly recommend Carl to anyone who needs international financial and pension related advice.

Robert Fallon
Clay Modeling manager at Lucid Motors

Testimonial – Mike Emson

I met with Carl over 10 years ago and he has advised myself and my wife on our pension and savings plans. Carl is extremely professional and is committed to update us on a regular basis and also comes to visit for reviews. Whilst nothing can be guaranteed with investments, I am very pleased to see the regular growth in our funds under his advice. I would recommend Carl to expats who would like to make the most of their time overseas and save for their future.

Mike Emson
Operations Director, Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions

Testimonial – Nicholas Bravery

Carl has been my financial advisor for 12 years now. My investments are still being managed and I would recommend Carl to anyone wanting independent advice on their savings or pensions.

Nicholas Bravery
Founder & Technical Director, Red Sky Digital Group

Testimonial – Paul Jeffery

Thank you Carl for all the help you gave me advice on my uk pension,explaining the options and adivising on how to increease my pension income. I would recommend.

Paul Jeffery 
Director, Asia Pacific at DAI


Testimonial – Jim Preen

My wife and I started working with Carl while we were expats living in Thailand. He helped enormously with our investment and pension planning. Although we no longer live in Asia, Carl still keeps us updated on a regular basis. I would recommend Carl to all expats who need advice on their investments and savings. He is not a typical pushy financial adviser, is easy to talk to, keeps appointments and is entirely professional.

Jim Preen
Crisis Management Specialist

Testimonial – Lee McHugh

I took out a pension when I lived in the UK at the age of 21 and now live in the USA.
I’d pretty much forgotten about it until Carl got in touch. He painstakingly managed to find all the details, went to the trouble of changing my address and gave me an updated amount.
Carl is very meticulous in his action and I would highly recommend using him, especially if you are an expat like me.

Lee McHugh
Absolute Results – Regional Manager USA

Testimonial – David Sutton

I have no hesitation in recommending Carl Turner as a financial advisor. I’ve been working with him for several years now. He helped me to transfer my UK pension fund to a self invested personal pension (SIPP) and has been advising me on its performance ever since. We keep in regular contact and he ensures that I am adequately informed. I’m very happy with the advice and service he provides.

David Sutton
Semi Retired Freelancer

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