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Carl Turner

Independent Financial Planner & Wealth Manager

Hello and thank you for showing interest in my financial advisory services. I’m Carl Turner, a professional financial advisor with almost two decades of experience in crafting bespoke financial plans designed to meet the needs and goals of my clients.

I primarily work with expats and internationally mobile professionals, helping them navigate the complexities of their diverse financial landscapes. Their financial success is my ultimate goal.

Whether you’re focusing on investment growth, boosting your savings or plotting your journey to a secure retirement, every piece of advice I provide is tailored to promote your prosperity and financial well-being.

Building a fruitful professional relationship requires mutual trust and respect – elements that naturally form over time. A comprehensive due diligence process is a critical first step in this journey, fostering confidence and establishing a robust foundation for our partnership.

I appreciate your interest in collaborating with me. I have prepared a document outlining my credentials, principles, and financial management approach to aid in your evaluation. If you are interested in working with me, it will provide you with a thorough insight into my operations and the services I offer.

Thank you for considering me as your financial partner. I look forward to helping you on your journey to financial success.

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