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Financial Planning & Wealth Management For Individuals & Families

My clients have international lifestyles which pose specific financial challenges and opportunities on which I am well qualified to advise.


How I help

These are some typical ways I help expatriates with their financial planning

Personalise financial planning & wealth management

A holistic service of advice, recommendations, management & administration.

Cross-border planning and advice

Ensuring their financial life is seamless, compliant, and optimised across multiple national jurisdictions.


Establishing and executing retirement plans.

Asset & investment management

Access to global investment opportunities to diversify their portfolios and manage financial risk.

Facilitation & problem solving

Access to my global professional network and discreet assistance with a wide range.

Case study

Helping An Expat Family Transition To A Local Package In The Usa

Client Background

My clients are an Anglo-German expat family with three young children. The wife is high flying, a senior executive at a large multinational working long house involving frequent travel. Her husband does not work and the three young children have always lived overseas, attending international schools. They were relocating to the USA moving to a local package meaning many of their traditional expat benefits, like school fees, were to be reduced to be compensated by a higher base salary.

The Challenge

As expatriates, for many years, my clients were used to the company taking care of most of their financial arrangements. Moving to a local package and assuming responsibility made them realise there was a knowledge gap they asked me to fill.

The main issues we tackled were:

  • Inexperience in dealing with life insurance and pension funding due to a smaller 5% match offering from the new role.
  • Uncertainty about available options in the US
  • No plan for university funding for children and uncertain about costs in Europe, the UK, or the US

How I helped

  • Connected with the clients through an existing client and offered remote assistance throughout the process.
  • Explained differences between the US package and their previous expat package.
  • Guided them in contributing to retirement plans at a suitable level for their needs.
  • Recommended a life insurance top-up to ensure adequate coverage for the couple.
  • Assisted in creating a will that was acceptable for both UK and German nationalities.
  • Advised on property investment, helping them purchase and rent out a property in Birmingham, UK
  • Helped them understand the estimated costs for their children’s university education and set up a regular investment plan, with the option to move into a 529 plan for their children if they decide to remain in the US.

The Outcome

  • The couple has since relocated to the Netherlands for work but continues to collaborate with me on their financial planning.
  • Investments and life insurance remain active; rental property generates £750 in monthly income after costs, which is allocated to the children’s university savings.
  • The couple is on track to provide each child with €50,000 for university education, reducing the need for loans or future income contributions.
  • As the couple’s situation evolves, we continue to adapt their financial plan and offer global advice regardless of location.


By offering tailored financial planning and remote support, I helped the expat family successfully adapt to their new local package in the US. I will continue to assist this family wherever their expat journey takes them.

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What my clients say

Testimonial – Richard Gahagan

Carl has advised my family over the past 5 years on our investments, savings and insurances and helped us understand what was available to us as an expat in Thailand and what was the most suitable for our current and future circumstances. He regularly advises and updates us on on various aspects of our financial planning and those opportunities that present themselves to grow our wealth and ensure our retirement plans are appropriate. I would recommend Carl to anyone wanted quality advice on their financial planning options while staying in Asia.

Richard Gahagan
Managing Director, Krones Pacific and Krones New Zealand

Testimonial – Oli Thompson

Carl’s services are exemplary. For expats with complicated financial arrangements Carl offers clear and practical advice to ease the anxiety of long term financial planning. I now have a solid plan for the future thanks to Carl’s expertise. Highly recommended!

Oli Thompson
Production: Documentary Series, Netflix

Testimonial – Robert Fallon

Carl advised me on how to maximise my UK pension benefits whilst living and working in the USA and gave me very useful advice. He is very knowledgeable in his field, and very easy to talk with.
I would highly recommend Carl to anyone who needs international financial and pension related advice.

Robert Fallon
Clay Modeling manager at Lucid Motors

Testimonial – Gina Maria Singh

I have been a client with Carl for over 10 years, three countries, four continents. To say that Carl’s judgement and support is invaluable is an understatement. He is excellent in making you consider your goals and objectives in a realistic manner.

Gina Maria Singh
Head of Operations, RIF Europe

Testimonial – James Allen

Carl was great to work with. He managed to take the complex setup of my UK pensions and expat status and explain my options in simple terms. Despite there being no upside for Carl in the outcome of his analysis he took the time to also give advice for the future and also what to consider for my 401Ks.

I was very impressed with Carl’s communication, knowledge and approach that I have recommended him to several colleagues.

James Allen
Director, BPO Technical Services

Testimonial – Fornillo Giuseppe

I am absolutely satisfied with Carl service and advice since 2010. It has been a pleasure to work with a financial adviser who understand the needs of the clients. Professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect and I happy to recommend his services

Fornillo Giuseppe
General Manager, Le Meridien Suvarnanhumi Bangkok Golf Resort & Spa

Testimonial – Sharon Commins

Carl is meticulous in ensuring that I’m kept up to date with anything related to my financial planning with regular check ins. He’s able to explain things simply, clearly and concisely and has been especially supportive in helping me navigate through a change of career and the financial impacts that may have and that I might need to consider so would definitely recommend to anyone needing financial planning services.

Sharon Commins
Consultant Director & Business Owner

Testimonial – Christopher Waddington

I met Carl through one of my colleagues while I was working in Thailand. He advised me on my UK pension and investments, which I have followed. I would recommend anyone to work with Carl who would like independent advice.

Christopher Waddington
Operations Manager, Helical Technology

Testimonial – Neil McGuigan

I met Carl through a work colleague who recommended him to manage my pension. He has manage my investments over the past few years and has kept in touch on a regular basis by sending me the valuations on a monthly basis and in person. I would recommend Carl to anyone who would like their existing pension and financial planning reviewing’

Neil McGuigan
Regional Trainer, RMA Automotive

Testimonial – Nuwan D. Rezel

I have been a client of Carl’s for over 10 years and he provided me with ongoing advice during this time, even though I have moved location. He is in contact on a monthly basis with up to date valuations and market updates. I would recommend Carl to expats who would like advice on how to make the most out of their savings, even if they may move location

Nuwan D. Rezel
Director of People & Culture, Global Greengrants Fund

Testimonial – Thomas Moons

I met Carl in Myanmar and have been working with him for my financial planning ever since. I am now in a different location but we still keep in touch on a regular basis with updates on my portfolio by email. I would recommend Carl to anyone who may move locations on a regular basis and still want portable international investment and savings advice

Thomas Moons
General Manager, La Residencia

Testimonial – Wye Yee Yong

I have been working with Carl for over 12 years now and during this time, moved in and out of Asia. Carl still keeps in touch on a regular basis on Skype and email and continues to provide investment advice and support. I appreciate his flexibility in accommodating my schedule and his prompt responses to my requests for support.

Wye Yee Yong
Operations Coordinator, Medair

Testimonial – Krishna Krishnamurthy

Carl has been providing financial advice to myself and my wife for 8 years now. He has shown great knowledge when assessing our financial planning needs. Although we have now moved away from Asia we still keep in regular contact by email and online meetings. The service levels have remained at a high standard throughout the time we have been working together.

Krishna Krishnamurthy
Climate and Vulnerability Analyst

Testimonial – Jerker Olofsson

I have been working with Carl for over 11 years now. Even though I have moved locations he still updates me and manages the investments. I would recommend Carl to anyone who isn’t certain where they will move to as the investments are international and portable.

Jerker Olofsson
Chief Sales Officer, Polarium

Testimonial – Jim Preen

My wife and I started working with Carl while we were expats living in Thailand. He helped enormously with our investment and pension planning. Although we no longer live in Asia, Carl still keeps us updated on a regular basis. I would recommend Carl to all expats who need advice on their investments and savings. He is not a typical pushy financial adviser, is easy to talk to, keeps appointments and is entirely professional.

Jim Preen
Crisis Management Specialist

Testimonial – Lee Sheridan

I have been a client of Carl’s for 8 years now and would recommend him to others who are living and working overseas and are looking for international advice and a global perspective on their savings and investments.

Lee Sheridan
Responsible Tourism Specialist, LuxDev

Testimonial – Tyran Powell

Carl has been outstanding, I’ve worked with Carl for a number years now, first meeting in Bangkok back in 2015 and still working together even after I moved to Australia.
He has advised me on various areas of my planning and we are in regular contact for reviews.

Tyran Powell
Pyser Motor Group

Testimonial – Andreas Rubin

I have worked with Carl to transfer my UK pension. He is very knowledgeable in this area which I felt was a complicated process. He still provides me with regular market updates through his podcasts which I find very informative and interesting. I would recommend Carl to anyone who would like to engage with a financial advisor or receive regular market updates.

Andreas Rubin
Pilot/Captain, Susi Air

Testimonial – Katrina Meller

I completed my international internship program with Carl in Bangkok. He had time to help me learn more about financial planning and gave me advice on how to persue a career in the industry and how to service client’s needs.

Katrina Meller
Junior Financial Analyst, Astra Zeneca

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