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Financial Planning & Wealth Management For Executives & Entrepreneurs

Hello and thank you for showing interest in my financial advisory services. I’m Carl Turner, a professional financial advisor with almost two decades of experience in crafting bespoke financial plans designed to meet the needs and goals of my clients.

I primarily work with expats and internationally mobile professionals, helping them navigate the complexities of their diverse financial landscapes. Their financial success is my ultimate goal.

Whether you’re focusing on investment growth, boosting your savings or plotting your journey to a secure retirement, every piece of advice I provide is tailored to promote your prosperity and financial well-being.

Building a fruitful professional relationship requires mutual trust and respect – elements that naturally form over time. A comprehensive due diligence process is a critical first step in this journey, fostering confidence and establishing a robust foundation for our partnership.

I appreciate your interest in collaborating with me. I have prepared a document outlining my credentials, principles, and financial management approach to aid in your evaluation. If you are interested in working with me, it will provide you with a thorough insight into my operations and the services I offer.

Thank you for considering me as your financial partner. I look forward to helping you on your journey to financial success.


How I help

These are some of the typical ways I help executives and entrepreneurs with their financial planning

Personalise Financial Planning & Wealth Management

A holistic service of advice, recommendations, management & administration.

Cross-Border Planning And Advice

Ensuring their financial life is seamless, compliant and optimised across multiple national jurisdictions.


Establishing and executing retirement plans for long term piece of mind.

Asset & Investment Management

Providing access to global investment opportunities, diversified regulated portfolios & assisting with the management of financial risk.

Facilitation & Problem Solving

Providing access to my network of global professionals and discreet assistance with a wide range of personal and family issues.

Case study

Comprehensive Financial Planning For A Global CEO

Client Background

My client is the British CEO of a multinational company’s regional office based in Hong Kong. His wife and teenage children are well-travelled expatriates following his previous postings in Europe and the Middle East.

The Challenge

This client had a patchwork of previous financial planning, including an ISA, previous investments and life insurance but had lost touch with his previous advisor and was not working on a financial plan.

The main issues we tackled were:

  • Unclear retirement goals and timeline
  • No will in place, risking the family’s future security
  • Inefficient management of various assets, including pensions, ISAs, and shares
  • Busy schedule with limited time to manage personal financial matters.

How I helped

  • Helped establish wills to secure the family’s future and avoid potential guardianship issues
  • Assisted in defining retirement goals, including desired location and timeline
  • Utilised cashflow forecasting software to analyse the family’s current financial situation and plan for the future
  • Developed a 10-year sprint to accelerate retirement by optimising savings and asset allocation
  • Restructured old pensions and consolidated assets for more effective management
  • Handled various financial tasks, such as managing old shares, ISAs, and pensions, to free up the client’s time
  • Provided full online access to all assets, with regular monthly updates for easy monitoring.

The Outcome

  • Retired earlier than expected after 9 years, with a voluntary redundancy package.
  • Purchased a holiday home in Portugal and became UK tax residents.
  • Implemented efficient tax strategies to minimise income and capital gains tax.
  • Maintained regular contact for ongoing financial support and problem-solving.


This client has achieved financial success. We have built a trusted and ongoing relationship which extended through referrals to other members of his family. We are in regular contact and I continue to assist on a full range of personal, financial and other professional issues.

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What my clients say

Testimonial – Richard Gahagan

Carl has advised my family over the past 5 years on our investments, savings and insurances and helped us understand what was available to us as an expat in Thailand and what was the most suitable for our current and future circumstances. He regularly advises and updates us on on various aspects of our financial planning and those opportunities that present themselves to grow our wealth and ensure our retirement plans are appropriate. I would recommend Carl to anyone wanted quality advice on their financial planning options while staying in Asia.

Richard Gahagan
Managing Director, Krones Pacific and Krones New Zealand

Testimonial – Gina Maria Singh

I have been a client with Carl for over 10 years, three countries, four continents. To say that Carl’s judgement and support is invaluable is an understatement. He is excellent in making you consider your goals and objectives in a realistic manner.

Gina Maria Singh
Head of Operations, RIF Europe

Testimonial – James Allen

Carl was great to work with. He managed to take the complex setup of my UK pensions and expat status and explain my options in simple terms. Despite there being no upside for Carl in the outcome of his analysis he took the time to also give advice for the future and also what to consider for my 401Ks.

I was very impressed with Carl’s communication, knowledge and approach that I have recommended him to several colleagues.

James Allen
Director, BPO Technical Services

Testimonial – Fornillo Giuseppe

I am absolutely satisfied with Carl service and advice since 2010. It has been a pleasure to work with a financial adviser who understand the needs of the clients. Professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect and I happy to recommend his services

Fornillo Giuseppe
General Manager, Le Meridien Suvarnanhumi Bangkok Golf Resort & Spa

Testimonial – Sharon Commins

Carl is meticulous in ensuring that I’m kept up to date with anything related to my financial planning with regular check ins. He’s able to explain things simply, clearly and concisely and has been especially supportive in helping me navigate through a change of career and the financial impacts that may have and that I might need to consider so would definitely recommend to anyone needing financial planning services.

Sharon Commins
Consultant Director & Business Owner

Testimonial – Matteo Marinelli

Carl has been advising me on my investments and savings for over 5 years. I would recommend Carl to expatriates who want advice on where to save internationally but not tied to their current location. It has been great dealing with him.

Matteo Marinelli
Fullerton CEO and Board Member

Testimonial – Kevork Baboyan

I am pleased with Carl’s service. He has advised me on all aspects of my financial planning and keeps in touch on a regular basis with regular reviews. I would recommend Carl to anyone who wants to build a long term working relationship with a financial advisor to help them achieve their goals.

Kevork Baboyan
Governance and Public Finance Management Specialist. United Nations Development Programme

Testimonial – Roberto Barletta

Carl has advised me on my investments over the past 9 years and is in contact on a regular basis. I would happily recommend Carl’s financial planning to others and have done in the past.

Roberto Barletta
Chief Operational Officer, Wesii

Testimonial – Mike Emson

I met with Carl over 10 years ago and he has advised myself and my wife on our pension and savings plans. Carl is extremely professional and is committed to update us on a regular basis and also comes to visit for reviews. Whilst nothing can be guaranteed with investments, I am very pleased to see the regular growth in our funds under his advice. I would recommend Carl to expats who would like to make the most of their time overseas and save for their future.

Mike Emson
Operations Director, Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions

Testimonial – Guy Calcagno

I have been a client of Carl and Infinity now for 9 years. He provides me with regular updates on the valuations. I would recommend him to expats who would like help with regular savings and investments while overseas.

Guy Calcagno
Strategic Consultant & Multiple Directorships

Testimonial – Carl Wilkinson

I started working with Carl while I was working for Adidas in Germany. He advised me on various aspects of my financial planning and still does to this day. I would recommend Carl to expats who are looking for help with planning for their future goals with easy to understand advice

Carl Wilkinson
Owner & Director, Locol Design Consultancy

Testimonial – Ikenna Chigbo

I met Carl through a colleague of mine and after initially hesitating due to previous experiences with financial advisers, I reluctantly agreed to work with him on an existing plan. It turned out to be a very good decision. Carl took over my existing plan and helped get it back on track. He took out time to meet me in person every quarter to review the plan and make changes if required. He is an epitome of what your dream financial adviser should be. Lyn (his personal assistant) was also great, providing prompt administrative support where required. Thanks Carl and Lyn, you guys are a great!

Ikenna Chigbo
Business Owner, IceVolt Green Energy Services

Testimonial – Andrew Hartley

Carl helped take over the management of my underperforming investment and got it back on track. Even though I have moved locations, Carl still keeps in touch and helps me with my financial planning for my savings and investments.

Andrew Hartley
Assistant Vice President, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

Testimonial – Jair Parada

Carl is a well researched and educated financial advisor. He takes time to visit the clients and get to know them. He is well informed of the markets and he is able to advice the client well. I appreciate from Carl, that he takes the time to visit his clients and understand our needs, so the recommendation is meaningful.

Jair Parada
Senior Director of Finance, ADRA International

Testimonial – Marunga Manda

Carl did a great job of taking over our financial plan that had been performing poorly for a while. He took the time to explain, in simple terms, the options available to us and advise us on the way forward based on a research-driven process. Carl has done a tremendous job and he has put our plan back on track. He applies a personalised approach that we greatly appreciate.

Marunga Manda
Strategic Planning, USAID/Indonesia

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