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Financial Planning & Wealth Management For Technical Experts Working Overseas

Engineers and technical professionals working overseas bring a wealth of in-demand skills to the table. Their expertise often commands high remuneration and provides opportunities to move between countries and roles. However, the dynamic nature of their careers can make financial planning challenging.

While these clients possess deep technical knowledge, they may lack interest or expertise in financial matters. They seek effective strategies to manage and grow their wealth, yet finding a trustworthy advisor to navigate the intricacies of global financial systems is no easy feat.

That’s where I come in. As a financial advisor, I provide personalised, trustworthy financial guidance. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by overseas professionals, I help them secure their financial future while they continue to excel in their global careers.


How I help

These are some of the typical ways I help techincal experts with their financial planning

Personalise Financial Planning & Wealth Management

A holistic service of advice, recommendations, management & administration.

Understanding finance

Helping my clients understand the mechanics and processes of successful financial planning.

Cross-Border Planning And Advice

Ensuring their financial life is seamless, compliant and optimised across multiple national jurisdictions.


Establishing and executing retirement plans for long term piece of mind.

Asset & Investment Management

Providing access to global investment opportunities, diversified regulated portfolios & assisting with the management of financial risk.

Facilitation & Problem Solving

Providing access to my network of global professionals and discreet assistance with a wide range of personal and family issues.

Case study

Comprehensive Financial Planning For A Senior Engineer

Client Background

The client is British in his early 60’s with a wife, a young daughter, and an adult son. He specialises in building complex chemical warehouses for a major multinational company. His job requires him to move from country to country, usually staying for four years in each location. He spent many years in the Middle East and is currently working in South-East Asia with an eye to retirement, but he and his wife had not yet determined where he they will eventually settle but they are certain it will not be in the UK.

The Challenge

The client had previously only had negative experiences with financial advisors and as a result had no financial plan in place.

He contacted me with these primary concerns:

  • The lack of financial plan for his retirement
  • Potential inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities, unaddressed UK pensions, scattered shares, and multiple bank accounts
  • No clear plan or structure for retirement
  • Sceptical of “salesy” presentations, seeking a professional approach

How I helped

  • Established trust through a referral from a colleague and addressed his initial hesitation.
  • Prioritised creating a will and updating beneficiary information for pensions.
  • Identified and addressed potential IHT liabilities through a discounted gift trust and a QNUPS pension plan.
  • Implemented regular gifting of assets to the client’s youngest daughter and grandchildren.
  • Located his old UK pensions and provided a comprehensive retirement and pension assessment.
  • Set up quarterly investments to optimise savings returns and combat inflation.
  • Established a fixed deposit investment for the daughter’s university education.
  • Assisted with finding reliable VISA renewal and property agents in the region.
  • Provide ongoing regular monthly updates and support.

The Outcome

  • The client has continued working for five years since beginning to work with us, expressing trust in our services.
  • Inheritance tax and beneficiary concerns have been resolved, offering peace of mind.
  • All the clients outstanding pension issues have been resolved.
  • The client has the freedom to retire whenever desired, with assets available to generate a secure and comfortable income.
  • His daughter’s university education is financially secure, without the need for the client to work to fund it.
  • His wife is reassured by the family’s financial security.


This client has achieved financial success. He and his family are financially secure, and he and his wife have a lifetime financial plan in place. I continue to assist this family with their financial and other professional needs and hope to do so for many years to come.

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What my clients say

Testimonial – Oli Thompson

Carl’s services are exemplary. For expats with complicated financial arrangements Carl offers clear and practical advice to ease the anxiety of long term financial planning. I now have a solid plan for the future thanks to Carl’s expertise. Highly recommended!

Oli Thompson
Production: Documentary Series, Netflix

Testimonial – Robert Fallon

Carl advised me on how to maximise my UK pension benefits whilst living and working in the USA and gave me very useful advice. He is very knowledgeable in his field, and very easy to talk with.
I would highly recommend Carl to anyone who needs international financial and pension related advice.

Robert Fallon
Clay Modeling manager at Lucid Motors

Testimonial – Alejandro Saiz

Carl has been advising me on my financial planning for over 14 years now and is in regular contact with me. We have had regular reviews regarding my financial planning since starting working together and I am happy with the performance and the strategy in place. I would recommend Carl to help people with their investment planning needs.

Alejandro Saiz
Computational Astrophysicist

Testimonial – Anshuman Saikia

Carl is an excellent financial advisory professional and is the best that I have personally worked with over the last 15 years. Not only is he able to provide options when queried or requested for, but also proactively has made excellent suggestions on financial advisory options which has further supported my ability to take firm decisions related to these options. I have also had an excellent working relationship because of his affability. I hope to continue to benefit from my interactions with Carl.

Anshuman Saikia
Regional Portfolio Manager, International Union for Conservation of Nature

Testimonial – Minarwan

I’ve been working with Carl for over 5 years on my pension and saving plans. He has extensive knowledge of various equity markets and financial management. As a consultant, he is proactive to provide investment updates to his clients. I would be happy to recommend Carl’s financial services to anyone.

Exploration Geologist, Conrad Asia Energy

Testimonial – Ikram Andrabi

Carl clearly explained the charges and fees when helping arrange my investments. He has done everything he said he would and I’d recommend him to anyone who wants honest, straight forward advice on complex multi country and multi jurisdiction financial planning.

Ikram Andrabi
Contracts & Procurment, Oil & Gas

Testimonial – Kevork Baboyan

I am pleased with Carl’s service. He has advised me on all aspects of my financial planning and keeps in touch on a regular basis with regular reviews. I would recommend Carl to anyone who wants to build a long term working relationship with a financial advisor to help them achieve their goals.

Kevork Baboyan
Governance and Public Finance Management Specialist. United Nations Development Programme

Testimonial – Marunga Manda

Carl did a great job of taking over our financial plan that had been performing poorly for a while. He took the time to explain, in simple terms, the options available to us and advise us on the way forward based on a research-driven process. The process helped bring clarity to my wife and me regarding our investment options in light of our risk-profile. Carl has done a tremendous job and he has put our plan back on track. He applies a personalized approach that we greatly appreciate.

Marunga Manda
Senior Advisor, USAID

Testimonial – Johannes Visser

Over the past 8 years Carl has been managing my investments and providing financial advice on the markets and concerning pensions. He has been in contact regularly, updates me on market changes and provides feedback on my investments and advised me on several items that ensured a secured good financial future on items like inheritance, will, pension scheme and investment strategy taking into account the ever changing market challenges. I can recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated financial advisor with a personal touch.

Johannes Visser
Technical Team Manager, Chevron

Testimonial – Glenn Nichols

I have been working with Carl now for over 10 years and he has advised me on all aspects of my financial planning. We have met on various occasions and now I have relocated he keeps in touch via email and phone call on a regular basis. I have recommended Carl to others in the past and would recommend Carl to expats looking for advice on their financial planning. Easy to talk to and he explains everything very clearly, it’s a pleasure to do business with him.

Glenn Nichols
Operations Superintendent, Husky Energy

Testimonial – Krishna Krishnamurthy

Carl has been providing financial advice to myself and my wife for 8 years now. He has shown great knowledge when assessing our financial planning needs. Although we have now moved away from Asia we still keep in regular contact by email and online meetings. The service levels have remained at a high standard throughout the time we have been working together.

Krishna Krishnamurthy
Climate and Vulnerability Analyst

Testimonial – Daryoush Leicy

Carl has advised me on my UK pension KBR Halliburton Final Salary pension. He explained the pros and cons of looking at a transfer and advised me that it was in my best interest to leave the pension where it is within the defined benefit plan. Carl spent many hours assessing my situation and his honest advice was much appreciated. I would recommend Carl to anyone who would like unbiased advice with the client’s best interest at heart.

Daryoush Leicy
Process Safety at Shell

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