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Global Family Wealth & Trust Fund Management

Many of my family wealth and trust fund clients have substantial assets that require more complex financial and legal instruments for protection and distribution. Often, they would like to get on with their lives and not have to worry about the day-to-day handling of their assets.

I am well-versed and experienced in managing complicated, international solutions to managing family wealth.


How I help

These are some of the ways I help Ultra High Net Worth and High Net Worth clients manage their wealth

Comprehensive Wealth Management Strategy

Developing tailored wealth management strategies to preserve and grow my clients’ assets.

Optimal Asset Allocation

Determining the ideal asset allocation for clients’ portfolios based on their risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals, making adjustments as needed to keep them on track.

Tax Minimisation

Collaborating with tax professionals to minimise tax liability through tax-efficient investing, strategic income planning, and gifting strategies.

Estate Planning

Working with estate planning attorneys and solicitors to create estate plans that maximise wealth transfer to beneficiaries, minimise estate taxes and ensuring clients’ wishes are implemented.

Charitable Giving

Advising clients on charitable giving strategies to help them achieve their philanthropic goals while gaining tax benefits.

Risk Management

Identifying potential risks to clients’ wealth, including market volatility, inflation, or longevity, and recommend strategies to mitigate those risks, such as insurance or alternative investments.

Family Governance & Communication

Assisting with the establishment of family governance structures, facilitating communication among family members and providing financial education to preserve and grow family wealth across generations.

Case study

Comprehensive Financial Transformation For A British Expat In Bali

Client Background

Family money meant my client was financially independent with no need to work and sufficient means to live a lifestyle of choice. He was a single father with a four-year-old son living in Bali. He deeply distrusts financial advisors but met me after being introduced by a trusted friend.

The Challenge

The client had no financial management structures in place, was living off his assets from a single account and was concerned that his net wealth was falling year on year as he dipped into the pot. He has no financial plan, an inefficient tax position and no health insurance for himself or his son. He suffered feelings of guilt over his relationship with money.

How I helped

  • Set up international medical insurance for both the father and son.
  • Worked together to create a structured financial plan for regular income.
  • Established tax-efficient strategies for property rental income and investments.
  • Assisted with income and expenditure budgeting, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Implemented cashflow forecasting to establish sustainable spending levels.
  • Diversified investments for growth and income, including equities and fixed deposits.
  • Provided life insurance planning to secure a financial future for his son.

The Outcome

  • A greatly improved relationship with money and increased peace of mind.
  • Established a monthly “play money” allowance to manage spending guilt-free.
  • Developed a long-term financial plan to ensure lifetime income and wealth transfer.
  • Built a strong, trusting relationship over 12 years, with ongoing advice and support.
  • Regular financial reviews to keep investment valuations up-to-date and assess income needs.


This client has transformed his relationship with money and gained peace of mind.

achieved financial success. He and his family are financially secure, and he and his wife have a lifetime financial plan in place. I continue to assist this family with their financial and other professional needs and hope to for many years to come. He now enjoys a structured income, efficient tax strategies, and a secure financial future for himself and his son.

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What my clients say

Testimonial – Richard Gahagan

Carl has advised my family over the past 5 years on our investments, savings and insurances and helped us understand what was available to us as an expat in Thailand and what was the most suitable for our current and future circumstances. He regularly advises and updates us on on various aspects of our financial planning and those opportunities that present themselves to grow our wealth and ensure our retirement plans are appropriate. I would recommend Carl to anyone wanted quality advice on their financial planning options while staying in Asia.

Richard Gahagan
Managing Director, Krones Pacific and Krones New Zealand

Testimonial – Guy Calcagno

I have been a client of Carl and Infinity now for 9 years. He provides me with regular updates on the valuations. I would recommend him to expats who would like help with regular savings and investments while overseas.

Guy Calcagno
Strategic Consultant & Multiple Directorships

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