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Latest Market Round-UP Podcast: 16 January 2024

January 16, 2024 | Article

My regular market round-up podcasts provide a short summary of the key events and developments that affect your wealth.

Market Round-Up Postcast

I’m delighted to bring to you the first Carl Turner Financial Success podcast episode of 2024, offering an analysis of last year’s financial landscape and a forward look for the year ahead.

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A Glimpse of What’s Discussed

  • Resilience in Uncertain Times: Discover how markets defied 2023’s challenges, supported by the FED and easing geopolitical tensions.
  • Inflation and Consumer Spending: Insights into how improvements in supply chains and lower energy costs influenced inflation and spending habits.
  • Monetary Policy Shifts: An in-depth look at central banks’ new approach to interest rates and what it means for your investments.
  • 2024’s Financial Landscape: Analysis of global elections’ potential impact on market dynamics and investment opportunities.
  • Strategic Investment Guidance: Expert advice on diversifying across equities, bonds, ETFs, and fixed deposits for a robust portfolio in 2024.
  • Trends in Emerging Investments: A dive into the growing ETF market and the evolving role of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin ETFs.

At Carl Turner Financial, we are committed to providing you with the insights you need for informed and successful financial decision-making.

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Here’s to a prosperous and financially insightful 2024!